Terminal is the multivendor control software
for self-service devices such as ATM and kiosks.
It includes CardClient service, a component
responsible for working with bank cards.
Operation Hub solution with Monitoring Server
is required for Terminal software functioning.
Control software Terminal can work under
any version of Windows and Linux (without
using XFS).


The control software supports built-in browser
Chromium. User interface of the control
software is designed as a single-page web
application based on HTML5. As a result, a
modern high speed interface with newest input
capabilities (for example, Swipe can be used on
the device) is implemented. The interface layer
is completely separated from the core of the control
software and interacts with it via the standardized API.
This allows the Bank to implement a unique UI without
affecting the core of the control software.

Card Client

CardClient service is a separate component
of control software. Card Client supports
devices that working with bank cards
(PIN-pads and card readers) and interacts
with the card host. CardCleint is compliant
with with PDA DSS and EMVco standards.
All card’s data are isolated within this service
and are never transferred outside. Protocols
based on ISO8583 are used for interaction
with the card host.

Hardware support

The control software supports regular device
drivers as well as XFS drivers of various ATM
vendors. This allows integrating a wide variety
of self-service devices. A wide range of devices
is supported; the devices list is available on request.
Hardware support
Hardware support

Cash withdrawal
and recycling

The unique feature of this control software for
self-service devices is its ability to work with
the card host by the protocols based on
ISO8583. This brings more flexibility in
managing cash withdrawal process compared
to using NDC or DDC protocols. Cash can be
withdrawn from the inserted card’s account
or from any other client’s product.
The Operation Hub is responsible for cash
management process. The recycling
functionality is supported “out of the box”.
Cash withdrawal and recycling


The solution includes a modern
Monitoring Server for kiosks and ATMs.
It covers all the functionality required by
the Bank. Applying monitoring functions
on the card host is not required.
Built-in monitoring

Contactless payment

The control software supports contactless card readers.
It allows you to work with plastic cards that support
PayPass and PayWave technologies, as well as with
Apple Pay, Android Pay and similar.
Contactless payment

Transfers and

“Out of the box” control software supports
payment and transfers with bank cards
and cash. All parameters are specified in
Operation Hub. Full-text search,
categorization by regions, payments basket
and other functions are available. The set
of services is automatically adapted
according to the capabilities of the devices
(for devices with touch-screen, for bar code
readers and others).
Transfers and payments
Transfers payments

Personal area

Self-service device displays client’s personal information
and available services. For authenticated Bank’s clients
the information about products, ability of managing these
products, timeline, payment templates and other similar
functionality is available. Client can receive personal offers
while using a self-service device. To log into the personal
area the customer needs to insert the card and enter PIN-code.
There are more options for client’s authentication: via the
QR code generated in the mobile app, using a
contactless technology and so on.
Personal area
Personal area

Functional extension

Using the modern control software allows you to significantly
expand the functionality of self-service devices.
The customers get the opportunity to use contactless
technology, P2P transfers from the device, cash withdrawal
by QR code, client’s recognition by the face and other modern
Functional extension


Multivendor solution

Multivendor solution

Modern multivendor controlling software for kiosks and ATMs.


User-friendly UI

Modern UI developed with HTML5, easily customized to suit the clients’ needs. Implemented with top new development tools.

High speed of work

High speed of work

Single-page application design and optimization devices interaction result in high speed of work.

Personal area

Personal area

The software provides personal services, payment, transfers and targeted offers functionality.

Innovations support

Innovations support

Integration with client’s face recognition service.

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