Cloud AdNet

Cloud AdNet is designed for centralized
management of advertising campaigns
and publishing different content in front
-end solutions of the Digital Banking
Platform. The system allows you to store
multimedia content in the cloud and
automatically demonstrate the content
on various multimedia devices according
to a specified schedule.
Service Cloud AdNet.


Cloud AdNet supports publishing different content
in all front solutions of the Digital Banking Platform,
such as the software for kiosks, ATMs, Internet and
mobile bank. Marketing specialists can manage the
content (banners, videos, promo-sites) on their own
via web interface; technical experts assistance in
not required.
Multichannel distribution

Omnichannel support

Cloud AdNet meets the principals of omnichannel
as well as the entire Digital Banking Platform. The
solution receives feedback from front-end
applications and allows you to maintain users’
reaction to a particular content. For example, if a
user clicks the “Close and do not show again” button
on the ad banner the same action will be applied to
all channels. If the user moves to another channel
(from mobile bank to ATM, for example) they won’t
see this offer again.
Omnichannel support


Cloud AdNet allows you to conduct campaigns with
specific product placement and depending on a large
number of parameters:
- by profile type
- by actions
- by geography
- by time.
Complex campaigns
Comprehensive campaigns

Any content

Cloud AdNet supports various content formats,
from static pictures and videos to mini versions
of web sites with scripts. The system provides
monitoring tools, which can prevent content
from reaching the device, which cannot play it.
Any type of content
Any content


An important function of Cloud AdNet service is
the ability to deliver personal offers for customers.
The required information for personal offers can
be either uploaded and stored on the Platform
or accessed online from the Bank’s systems.
Targeted offers


The system processes the collected data and create
data reports. You can request a report and receive
it by e-mail. Administrators can configure automatic
reports sending by specified parameters .




The solution easily integrates with front-end customer service systems.

Cloud serviceс

Cloud service

Reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Safety and security

Safety and security

Safety and security of data storage, protection against data loss.



Allows you to increase processing capacity as the system loading increases.

Want to try?

Service Cloud AdNet allows to launch advertising campaigns at ATMs, self-service kiosks, mobile and Internet-banking. You may test the service and set up a campaign by yourself (following our instructions).