Cashier is a Windows desktop thick-client application. The application
provides the functionality for bank cashier everyday work and can
accept payments in favor of any service providers. Payment acceptance
is possible in online and offline modes. The application supports
requirements of the legislation to cash register software, report printing,
opening/closing shifts, cash collection and so on.

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The application supports a flexible role model.
Rights are assigned to a group of users (cashier,
senior cashier, administrator and so on).
The permissions of a particular user can be
assigned in more versatile way, up to certain
actions. Active Directory is supported.

Working with

“Out of the box” application support a wide range
of peripheral devices such as various printers,
barcode scanners, POS-terminals, card readers,
biometric sensors, fiscal recorders and other devices.
Performance of peripheral devices can be centrally
tracked by Monitoring Server.

Plastic cards

The application can be integrated with POS-terminal.
Payment for services with plastic card is available.
Plastic cards

Documents and

The application can print standard confirmation
documents for operations such as cash receipt
note, PD 4P form (receipt) and other. Reports for
the accepted operations can be generated in
accordance with Bank and controlling entities
Documents and reports
Documents reports

Client’s personal area

In the client’s personal area the Bank’s employee
can have access to information about client’s
products, payment templates, transactions
history and other client’s data. Extended access
(for example, to account balances or operations
with client’s products) is provided after
confirmation by the code sent to the client’s
phone for security purposes. Authentication of
the client can be performed in different ways
– by reading the barcode, by phone number,
by plastic card or by using biometrics data
(fingerprint, face and so on).
Client’s personal area
Personal area

Advanced functions

The application supports built-in Chromium browser,
which allows launching different web applications in
Cashier’s shell. These can be own web-applications
of the DBP platform (Payment Front) and third-party
vendor’s applications. This approach makes it easy to
expand the functionality of the cash desk and turns it
into a single window for all front-end applications
used by the bank employees. SSO (Single Sign On)
function is supported for web applications launched
in Cashier, so for the bank employees the solution
looks like a single application.
Functional extension


Single-front window solution

Single-front window solution

Cashier supports launching web applications in built-in browser, so all functionality required for Bank’s employees work can be presented in a single-window.



The application and devices are tracked and managed through centralized monitoring.



Cashier provides flexible customization mechanisms, SDK for designing any custom forms, reports tools and other.

Working with devices

Working with peripherals

The application can work with any peripheral equipment; many devices are supported “out of the box”.

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