This section provides a brief description of the
functionality of DB platform’s server components
and services. The picture demonstrates platform’s
architecture scheme. All server components can be
located on different machines and can be scaled
horizontally. The main platform components, which
should present in each configuration, are Operation
Server and Access Manager. Other components
are optional depending on project’s functionality.

Operation Server

Operation Server is the transactional core of the platform.
It is the mandatory component of the DB platform in any
configuration. The server is a platform component for
processing payments, transfers and various non-financial
operations. All transactions-related data are stored in the
Operation Server database. Managing the transactions
and configuring the server settings are performed in
Operation Studio. User access to the platform is supported
by Access Manager.
Operation Server
Operation Server

Access Manager

Access Manager is used to identify, authenticate and
authorize clients and internal Digital Banking Platform
users. Clients’ and bank employees’ accounts can be
stored in special AM database as well as in a third-party
system. The product supports the WS Trust,
OAuth 2.0 and OpenIdConnect protocols.
Access Manager
Access Manager

Server DBP

The server in Digital Banking Platform is responsible
for personal services. All clients, which were
authenticated in front-end applications get access to
services via integrated API. The basic services of the
DB Server are geo-services, timeline, Operation Server
and some other. The DB Server is also responsible
for data caching, integration with back-office systems
and related functionality.
Server DBP
Server DBP

Monitoring Server

Monitoring Server provides technical monitoring and
management of self-service devices and Cashier
software. As a part of the technical monitoring, the
workability of all devices is controlled, remote
configuring and updating the software on the devices,
obtaining logs and other actions can be performed.
Monitoring Server
Monitoring Server

Agent Portal

Agent Portal is a web application that allows agents
to manage their payment acceptance network. Agent’s
employees can view information about any payment
in their network, control the deposit account, manage
their payment acceptance points, adjust the accepted
payments and perform many other actions.
Agent Portal enables fully automated work of agents
with the platform.
Agent Portal
Agent Portal

ATM Web Host

ATM Web Host is used to expand the functionality
of ATMs and self-service kiosks. ATM Web Host
allows you to organize reception of payments and
transfers on ATM, as well as provide Personal
Area services to clients. The solution does not
require installing an additional software on the ATM.
ATM Web Host
ATM WebHost


Anti-fraud is the separate service that works with
the Operation Server. Service allows you to run
various checks and comparisons according to the
predefined criteria while processing an operation
and, if necessary, stop the transaction and send it
to manual analysis.

Auto payment module

The auto payment module is a component of the
DBP platform, which provides automatic payment
execution without customer involvement.
It supports scheduled auto payments, auto payments
at events (for example, when reaching a certain
minimal balance value) or auto payments against
the invoice.
The auto payment module
Auto payment

Cloud AdNet

Cloud AdNet is a cloud service for managing content
and targeted offers in the remote services’ channels
integrated by the Digital Banking Platform (ATM,
self-service kiosks, Internet and mobile bank). The
service uses MS Azure as a hosting service. For more
detailed information follow the link

Cloud AdNet
Cloud AdNet

Back-office systems of
Digital Banking Platform

This section describes the functionality and capabilities of Digital Banking Platform server components. Their potential users are bank employees.
You can find out more about the functionality and benefits of each component and the platform in whole.

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