ATM Web Host in the Digital Banking Platform is
necessary to adapt the ATM channel to the services
provided by the platform (payments, transfers,
personal services). Generally, it is a smart proxy
server. An important feature of the solution is the
standardization of API of the ATM platform in the
controlling software of all major ATM vendors.
There is no need to replace the controlling software
or install additional third-party components.
ATM Web Host is essentially multivendor software
of the second level, which is functioning over the
ATM controlling software.


Currently the solution is supported in the following
controlling software NCR, Wincore, Diebold, GRG
and multivendor software (Tell me, KAL). There is
some experience with ATM Nautilus, OKI and some
other vendors. The standard integration period of
ATM API platform with any new controlling
software is about 2-3 months.
Vendor Support

Script Service

All web customer service scenarios are configured
on the server side in Operation Studio Interface or
on the base of DBP server data. In this case, the
task of the ATM Web Host is to generate individual
scenarios based on input data and ensure that they
are uploaded to the device.
Script Service


All content necessary for building web scripts is
pre-cached on the device. For this purpose a special
script downloads the content files and saves them in
the browser cache when the ATM starts working.
Occasionally, it checks and uploads new content if it
is available. This approach enables, on the one hand,
minimal interface response time, and on the other
hand, fully automatic updating of heavy content
considering the ATM’s network characteristics (screen
resolution, connected peripherals, touch screen usage
and so on).


An important advantage of the solution is the
ability to define a clear boundary between the
project participants (bank, vendor of the
controlling ATM software, vendor of DBP
platform). The vendor of the ATM controlling
software is responsible for the operation of the
devices and interaction with the host. The DBP
platform is responsible for business logic and
customer service scenarios. All interaction
between the ATM controlling software and the
ATM Web Host goes through a standardized API.
It helps to localize problems, really simplifies
solution support, and speeds up the analysis of


Integration between ATM Web Host and ATM
controlling software is designed so that during
the work process it is not necessary to transfer
card numbers or other sensitive information.
It allows you to exclude platform components
out of PCI DSS scope.


ATM Web Host provides a special emulation mode
without involving a real device. To start the
emulator only a browser is required, access to the
emulator can be provided via the Internet. Emulated
scenarios fully coincide with scenarios on physical
ATM. This feature allows you to cardinally reduce the
work efforts when developing, configuring and testing
new services since the emulator lets you to perform
the main part of the work without using a real ATM.
Follow the link below to access the emulator.

Advertising and

ATM Web Host allows you to integrate various
types of advertising content into user scripts.
It can be:
Regular banners
Clickable banners (a click starts a specific
working scenario)

Targeted offers
The built in Cloud AdNet service or storage in
ATM Web Host can act as a source of
advertising content.
Advertising and Targets




Scalability of the solution is provided by horizontal scaling of ATM Web Host’s nodes. All content download processes are optimized. The solution can manage dozens of thousands ATMs in one network.
Cost of the solution

Cost of the solution

The solution allows you to expand functionality without replacing or upgrading ATM controlling software (only ATM API support patch is required from the vendor) this considerably decreases the cost of implementation.


The solution allows you to display all RBS functionality on ATM (payments, transfers, personal services and offers).
Fast introduction

Fast introduction

The availability of integration with the main ATM vendors controlling software makes it possible to provide short time terms of implementation.

Want to try?

This demo stand is 100% emulation of a standard ATM operation:

  • Cash withdrawal and deposit;
  • Payment for services in cash or by card;
  • Authorization in Personal area using card or login and password;
  • Emulation an abnormal situation. For example, connection failure with processing, printer fault and etc.

It is recommended to use:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Pin-code: 1001
  • To log in Personal Area use these credentials: phone 9111111111; pass Qwe1234$

Try it and ask questions.