Web interface

The technology involves the complete
replacement of NDC screens with web
pages. Different ATM interface themes
can be displayed on the ATM network,
for example, it can be ATM with a
touch screen and ATM with side buttons.
It is also possible to adapt the interface
for different groups of users, for example,
a unique interface for VIP clients.

Cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal is the basic function of
any ATM. The solution allows you to
withdraw cash not only from the inserted
card, but also from any client’s bank
product that provides debit transactions.
Client can view the available balance on
the account or card before performing
the operation. The option to choose the
desired denominations is available.
The recycling function is supported.
Personal area
Cash withdrawal

Personal area

After authentication (inserting a card and
entering a PIN code), client enters the
Personal area. In the Personal area a
client can get information about their
banking products (accounts, cards, loans,
and deposits), timeline, payments and
templates and other personal services.
Technically, the Personal area is an
analogue of Internet bank adapted for
the ATM channel.
Personal area


Timeline includes information about debit
and incoming transactions on customer's
accounts, reminders of upcoming payments,
personal offers, statuses of customer’s
applications and other information.
The events are arranged in chronological

Payments and

The solution allows the Bank’s clients to make
payments for any service providers via ATM.
It can be simple payments such as settlement
for cellular communications, as well as
payments with a complex scenario (fines,
remittances). A common set of templates is
supported for all service channels. Full-text
search is used for finding needed service.
Payment is possible either from the inserted
card or from any client’s bank product (account
or other card). Payment in cash is provided
as well.
Personal offer
Payments templates

Personal marketing

Locations for advertising content should be
pre-planned when developing the ATM
interface. These can be simple banners,
banners that trigger a script with a
promotional or personal offer. It is possible
to gather users feedback on a particular
promotional offer (for example, clients can
leave their phone numbers I case the offer
is interesting for them).
Cash withdrawal
Personal marketing

Extra services

A bank can add any service available to its
clients in the DBP Platform to the ATM
channel with the help of our technology.
It can be opening of a deposit, connecting
to the Internet bank or cash withdrawal
by QR code.
More services
Extra services


Multi-vendor solution

Multi-vendor solution

The solution does not require the replacement of the ATM controlling software. It is certificated by ATM vendors. It allows implementing full set of services without any modifications of the ATM controlling software.
Operation speed

Operation speed

Client scenarios work quickly by caching content on the device using browser tools and optimizing traffic.
Control from one point

Control from one point

All settings are performed in the operation hub of the DBP Platform.
Personal service

Personal service

Functionality of client’s personal area on the ATM.
Customizable user interface


100% web solution automatically adapting to ATM capabilities.
Content <br>managment

Content management

Common content management service for ATM – advertising, banners, targeted offers.
Hardware flexibility


Completion of transaction initiated in other channels.

Want to try?

This demo stand is 100% emulation of a standard ATM operation:

  • Cash withdrawal and deposit;
  • Payment for services in cash or by card;
  • Authorization in Personal area using card or login and password;
  • Emulation an abnormal situation. For example, connection failure with processing, printer fault and etc.

It is recommended to use:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Pin-code: 1001
  • To log in Personal Area use these credentials: phone 9111111111; pass Qwe1234$

Try it and ask questions.