Anti-fraud in the Digital Banking Platform is a separate service that
collaborates with Operation Server. The Operation Server executes
transactions and monitors their parameters. If this type of transactions
assumes the risk of fraud, the anti-fraud service is launched. The
functionality of anti-fraud service allows implementing both integration
with any third-party anti-fraud solution and analysis of the operation
parameters based on its own functionality. The anti—fraud service is a
chain of transaction processing modules. Each module can check whether
the operation meets certain conditions. When necessary, the service can
make a request to any third-party system or database. Based on the checking
results the operation will be executed or terminated with the status
“suspicion of fraud”. Further, it can be rejected or sent to manual analysis.

White list

Handler with the white list function. If the operation
parameters meet the data stored in the white list, this
operation will be executed or passed to the next
handler in the chain.
White list
White list

Black list

Handler with black list function. If the operation parameters
meet the data stored in the black list, this operation is
considered a fraud and gets the status “rejected, suspected
fraud”. When operation earns the status “suspicious for
fraud”, its parameters can be automatically recorded in a
special black list, which controls all following operations.
Black list
Black list

Control of parameters

The anti-fraud service can perform compliance checking of
payment parameter sets against the predefined patterns.
Based on results of the comparison, it makes a decision
whether the payment is suspicious or can be executed. For
example, on the basis of this function, a special handler was
implemented. This handler was designed to prevent fraudulent
activities (fishing, gluing parts of banknotes with different
denominations, new type of counterfeit money) when accepting
payments on self-service devices. In practice there are cases
when cash acceptor takes a suspicious banknote and issues a
warning. The analysis of such warnings for each banknote in
combination with other transaction parameters (payment
recipient, denomination of the banknote and so on) helps to
prevent such type of fraud in most cases.
Control parameters
Control parameters

Period control

This functionality allows you to reduce the risks of fraud by
analyzing atypical turnovers in a certain period. Turnover in
a period can be analyzed in terms of the payment acceptance
point, payment account, payment recipient and other
parameters of the transaction or entire system. For instance,
this functionality allows you to prevent transferring an
enormous number of small amounts to the same account.
Period control
Period control

Operations control

Various cases for detecting unusual client’s activity can be configured
on the base of the built-in anti-fraud service. For instance, it can be a
significant turnover for a new counterparty or unexpected client’s
geolocation when performing the operation.
Operations control
Operations control


High performance

High performance

The anti-fraud service is designed so that is can handle all payments that were processed by Operation Server.

Any rules setup from the interface

Any rules setup from the interface

All settings are specified in Operation Studio.


Expandable functionality

A simple mechanism for integration with third-party anti-fraud systems is provided. The functionality of the anti-fraud service can be easily expanded by adding the new processing modules.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

Thanks to “out of the box” delivery the main functions of the anti-fraud service can start tracking the transactions at the same time when the other Platform’s functions are launched.

Demo access to back-office

Our employees usually demonstrate the work of back-office applications remotely.
Demonstration the functionality of different system components can be performed when the agreement about technical terms and scenarios has been reached. Technical documentation can be provided as well. To grant access, please, fill in the form. Our manager will contact you.