Start screen

Mobile bank is a native mobile application for Android. It allows
managing your banking products on the smartphone, make
payments and transfers, convert currencies, receive bank statement
and other information related to Bank’s customer. Additional
cases can be added to the application for each particular
project and client.
Start screen

Login and registration

Log into the mobile bank is carried out by login and password or short
code set by the client at the first login. Fingerprint is supported. Bank’s
clients can pass the registration by themselves (if provided by Bank’s
rules) and get access to their accounts. If the user is not yet a Bank’s
client, they anyway are able to register and get limited access to the
application functionality.
Login registration


The main page of the application provides the information about
all client’s banking products. Available products are displayed on
the screen: accounts, cards, loans, deposits. The products list can
be expanded. Some products can be hidden or moved to archive.
A client can open the product card for detailed product information
and in order to manage the product. The range of the product
functions and services can be increased in accordance with the
terms and features of a certain Bank’s product line.


The timeline is identical in all frontal Bank’s applications and includes
debit and income transactions on customers’ accounts, reminders of
upcoming payments, personal offers, statues of customers’ applications
and other information. Events are arranged in chronological order;
some events can be placed in future (for example, reminders of upcoming
payments). Bank’s clients can get detailed information about events by
clicking on it. Clients can create confirming documents after transaction
or repeat it.

PUSH notification

The mobile application implements sending of PUSH notifications.
One-time codes for confirmation of transactions, messages from a
Bank (for example, reminders of upcoming payments) can be
transmitted with the help of PUSH notifications.
PUSH notification


The mobile application is completely localized and supports as
many languages as it is configured in the RBS system. The base
locale of the smartphone is used when the client logs in for the
first time. In the future, client can set the interface language
in the application settings.

Payment templates

Any accomplished payment can be saved as a template for
further reuse. A large number of templates can be divided
into categories, for example, “Family”, “Car”, “Education”
and so on. Clients can add their own templates’ categories.
Frequently used templates can be labeled as “Favorite” to
be displayed in a quick menu.
Payment templates
Payment templates


The mobile application supports payments to any service providers –
mobile communications, Internet, housing and utility services and
other. It implements complex payments for various public services,
payments of taxes and fines. The fee charged for the payment is
calculated online when the client has entered the payment amount.
The list of services and payment scenarios are specified in the
operation hub. A full-text search and ability to set auto-payments
according to schedules, notifications or issued invoices are available
as well.


Clients can complete transactions between their accounts,
make transfers from card to account, transfers to the Bank’s
clients or to another bank in the mobile application.
The payment fee is calculated online when the client has
entered the payment amount. Conversion operations and
currency transfers are available as well.


Geo services in the mobile application are available for both
authenticated clients and non-authenticated users. With the
help of it you can find the nearest branch, ATM, partners office,
see the list of banking services it can provides you, business
hours and other information. Full-text search is available.
Yandex maps or Google maps can be used as a cartographic service.

Additional services

The mobile application can be enriched with any additional functionality
by using micro services in the RBS platform. Examples of additional
functionality are account statement in the pension fund, entry to the
electronic queue at the Bank’s branch, cash withdrawals by QR code
and other functionality.
Additional services


Touch ID

Fingerprint support

The application supports a high level of security and various authorization scenarios. In addition to the password, log in can be made using Fingerprint technology.


User-friendly interface

The application contains full information about banking products and tools for personal finance management.


Native application

The application is developed for the Android platform and uses its advantages.

Caching the information

Caсhing the information

The application uses caching and cache warming mechanisms that provide the fastest log in procedure and comfortable work for a Bank’s client.

Want to try ?

Demo version fully emulates the work of the mobile application taking into account the limitations caused by the need to emulate the work of the Bank’s back office systems.
You can test the work of geo services and find the nearest branch, send an application for a loan or a card, make payments and transfers. All these cases are real service scenarios that are configured on the server side of our demonstration stand.