Digital Banking

Digital Banking Platform is designed to integrate all customer
service channels in a Bank. It allows centralizing the
management of services and payments and supports
omnichannel cases for all remote service channels.
Depending on business needs you can use only part of all
possible functions, for example, Mobile and Internet banking,
or the solution for expanding functionality on ATM.

Off-the-shell software

Digital Banking Platform is developed as an off-the-shell solution
and delivered as a box. The core of all main Platform components
uses the release model and is identical for all customers.
It supports backward compatibility. New releases are offered
to customers as a part of technical support. Customization of
the platform for a certain customer can be carried out by
adjusting the settings, adding plugins and custom modules
developed with the help of variety of SDK, standardized API
and other expansion points.


An important advantage of Digital Banking Platform is
availability of its own integrated software for all customer
service channels – mobile and web-applications, ATM
Web Host, softwares for cash desks and self-service
kiosks and so on. Implementing Digital Banking Platform
Bank provides coverage of all necessary customer service
channels for the current moment and for the development
Open API of the platform allows connecting third-party
vendors’ applications or applications developed by Bank’s


Customer service channels initially integrated into one
platform. All internal actions between channels are
going online. As a result, Bank has an opportunity
to ensure the implementation of any omnichannel
service’s cases. A client can start an operation in one
service channel and continue it in other channels.
During these operations data saves automatically.


Digital Banking Platform designed to dealing with highly
loaded projects with a large number of clients and
transactions. All system components can be scaled
horizontally. The use of database optimized as high
as possible; most operations perform in random
access memory. There are various caching levels for
optimizing queries in the bank’s back systems.
The metrics for using platform on high loads in
real customers’ projects provide on request.


Digital Banking Platform has a committed component
(Access Manager) which is responsible for the security
and authorization of bank employees and clients.
Access Manager supports standard authentication
protocols, SSO. With the help of it various client
authentication scenarios can be implemented.

Operating service

The operating hub built into the Digital Banking Platform is
the transactional core of the platform. It provides payment
acceptance to any service providers, internal and
external bank client’s transfers, as well as other
non-financial operations (application for a loan, opening
a deposit, application for a card, etc.)

Open API

API of the Digital Banking Platform were developed as
an open programming interface. This approach allows
the Bank to use not only standard front-end applications
of the platform, but also develop applications
independently or with the help of third-party vendors.
Open API

Explore Digital Banking Platform

Start to explore Digital Banking Platform for customer service. Download mobile app, make payments through ATM’s emulator or check our Internet banking service. As if you were a client.
You can find the technical working aspects of the platform in the description section of back-office applications.


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Deliver outstanding service through omnichannel integration across mobile apps, ATMs, kiosks, Internet banking. Just follow the instruction to test each solution.

Back office


Manage all service points from one place. Set routing for payments, show different content on different equipment, organize cooperation with agents at the solutions of Digital Banking Platform for back office.

How to use?


Open the page with the solution that interest you


Download the application on your phone or follow the link in the demo application


To login to the application use credentials that you received during registration


Test the operation of applications, if necessary, contact our managers for consultation

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